Zaid Hamid explaining Allama Iqbal – قرون اولیٰ

Read the referred poems:

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Daana-e-Khudi – Allama Iqbal – Part 9 – “The Relevance of Kalam-e-Iqbal in Current Times”

– Kia Iqbal aik aafaqi shair hain?
– Iqbal ki shari keh aafaqi pehlu kia hain?
– Iqbal ki shari main momin ki tareef kia hai?
– Asr e hazir main kalam e Iqbal ki kia ahmiyat hai?

Guest: Tehseen Farooqi
Host: Yusha Hayati
Production: Sehar Tv – Iran

Iqbal Day 2010

Report – ARY NEWS

Zaid hamid on ARY NEWS, giving IQBAL’S message to nation of Pakistan, on IQBAL’s Day 09 Nov, 2010.


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Daana-e-Khudi – Episode 8 “Iqbal’s Poetry and Persian Poets”

A program in urdu language with disussion on various aspects of the life and works of Dr. Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Host: Yosha Zafar Hayati

Guest: Tehseen Farooqi

Topic: Iqbal’s Poetry and Persian Poets

Aired on Sahar TV (Iran) in 2007

Part 1:


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Sitara e Mashriq (Sahar Tv Iran 2010)

موضوع : خصوصی پروگرام ستارہ مشرق
تاریخ : 2010/09/14
موضوع : اقبال

Topic: Special Program “The Star from East” . Date: 14/09/2010. Type: Documentary

Part 1 of 2


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Sultan Tipu ki Wasiyat – Junaid Jamshed – With Translation


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Role of youth in the Light of Ideology of Iqbal by Dr. Israr Ahmed

Role of youth in the Light of Ideology of Iqbal by Dr. Israr Ahmed

Part 1


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Sultan Tipu Ki Waseeiat – سلطان ٹيپوکي وصيت

Part 1:

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Fikr e Iqbal – Searching the roots – Deen o Danisk

Topic: Poetry or prose works of Iqbal, what we need more today?

Guests: Auria Maqbool Jaan, Javed Iqbal, Javed Ahmed Ghamdi, Zaid Hamid and Suhail Umer



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Juda Ho Deen Siasat Se – Iqbal Day Special – A Must Watch

Iqbal Day Speical with Justice (R) Javaid Iqbal and Dr. Israr Ahmad.

Host: Auria Maqbool Jaan

Part 1: