Role of youth in the Light of Ideology of Iqbal by Dr. Israr Ahmed

Role of youth in the Light of Ideology of Iqbal by Dr. Israr Ahmed

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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  1. gud work

  2. Ideology of Iqbal is very well described by Dr Israr.I live in Western world.I learnt to be a good muslim here. I can follow Islam as it is. It is so easy to be a Momin in Western world if you really believe in Farman-e-Ellahi and Sunnat-e-Rasool. Like Iqbal says Islam is in western world but no muslim is to be seen. Who is responsible not the western countries it is us. Are there any young and energetic girls and boys in Pakistan who would like to start a small group to educate the educated.Funding and all the resources will be provided please get in touch with me through my E-mail.Believe me you me and anyone can bring about a change . Only God’s law needs to be followed and I know that there are lots and lots and lots of you out there who would like to but need direction .It is there knocking on your door.Waiting for your response .

    • Dear

      Your right only way for Muslims to get their original position in the world . they should be unite and follow the true Islam as Iqbal Said. I really appreciate you that you take step. i am really want this I want to join you in this purpose. Please contact me . My email is I shallwait for ur reply

    • dear friend…you snatched my words .your words are very attractive.i am a doctor and trying to migrate to the west..canada…i hav helped many students from my student life and nowadays running my foundation,”JAZA IQBAL “.we give money to talented students of our society and provide guidance and help in selecting carrier and jobs. DR ISRAR AHMED a great scholar of a 20th century, may ALLAH b please n rest his soul.i m really greatful to him 2 educate n motivate us through DR IQBAL (R.A)ideology n philosephy.please be in touch…. i will be waiting for your responce

  3. asak shan sir. I share the idea that Allama’s teaching encourages us to become momin, which is synonym of good human being. Your remark encourages me to tell Allama is very much relevent for indian youth as well. Unfortunately new generation thinks education means career. Thats all. If we spread healthy idea it wil cultivate healthy habits and lead to happy society and succes in hereafter. We r wiling to undertake this task. Mail me

  4. DR ISRAR AHMED a great scholer n mubaligh of a 20th century, may ALLAH b please n rest his soul.i really greatful him 2 educate n motivate us through DR IQBAL (R.A)ideology n philosephy.

  5. I request for translation of this lecture in full so non urdu listeners can follow and understand fully..Thank you

  6. Bismillah…..We are one Ummah..One Nation…We need to unite, We cant wait for the change, we have to make changes. We have transform Iqbal’s words into action.
    Our ancestors were only few in Number, but they ruled the world….Today we are in Billions, but still living as slaves……”Why, Why, Why…”

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