The Life and Poetry of Muhammad Iqbal (Urdu with English overlay)

The passionate shout of inqilab was raised by the man who was after his death to be hailed as the sage and seer of Pakistan. The video documentary, prepared by two most distinguished luminaries of their fields, focuses on the revolutionary aspects of Iqbals thought and tries to convey the vibrant zeal and vision of the poet-philosopher. (Urdu with English overlay)

Script: Ali Sardar Jafri

Directed and Edited by: A. J. Kardar

Released by Iqbal Academy Pakistan.

Part 1:


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Eid Greetings

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Iqbal the mysterious – Zaid Hamid – Epsiode 3

Part 1


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Report: Allama Iqbal Postal Stamps over the years

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Ya Rab Dil-e-Muslim Ko – Iqbal Day Special – Aag TV

Zaid Hamid on AAJ News program “Ya Rab Dil-e-Muslim Ko Wo Zinda Tamanna Dai” with Rahat Kazmi, Arshad Mehmood and Khurram Ali Shafique on IQBAL DAY SPECIAL.

Part 1


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One to One – Iqbal Day Special – Zaid Hamid and Suhail Umer

Zaid Hamid on Dunya News program “One to One” with Nazim Iqbal Academy Pakistan Muhammad Sohail Umar.


One to One – Iqbal Special Part 1


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The Secrets of the Self – in a nutshel

Allqma Iqbqal has recommended the following program for the development of khudi in the book Asrar-i-Khud (The Secrets of the Self):

i. Love of God and the Holy Prophet S.A.W.


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DISNA Audio Section – Iqbal Day 2009 Special


The biggest online collection of Kalam e Iqbal sung and recited by various artists …………….

Iqbal Day 2009 Special – 30 + Very Rare Audios added – 07 November 2009

15+ new audios added – 03 October 2009

80 + new audios added – 14 September 2009

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Iqbal Day 2009

iqbal day 2009

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Iqbal the mysterious – Zaid Hamid – Epsiode 2

Second Episode of the new BrassTacks series on Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the mysterious. Reveals dimensions of Iqbal’s personality which are usually ignored

Part 1


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