Iqbal Ka Pakistan – Zaid Hamid and Ali Azmat (AAG TV) – Episode 37

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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  1. hi my name is sahil khan i live in uk studying here doing acca.iam 21 and i have seen the youngsters including me we luv pakistan and i really want to do some thing for the pride of my country.
    i cant even listen to the news that people are dying to get flour well if they dont eat they still gonna die.
    the people of my country are appricitable but the upper level whon controls the country are completly corrupted they dont care about any one not even about pakistan i feel scare some time that they wil sell this country to americans.
    they are saying that no one is allowed to damage our soverignity while we can see that every day american is damiging it. if pakistan is an independant country why they are doing dron attack every single day?and why my goverement is just looking at it?
    i dont think pakistan is independent any more pakistan has been sold. the corrupted person of history has became president of my country.some time i think would i be able to do some thing for my people and my country? pakistan is just in hands of few people will they allow me or any one who thinks like me to come ahead? there are many youngsters who wants to do some thing for the pride of the country but ……….?how i can do some thing for my people?
    how can i get rid of the people who are agents? how can i save my country?how can i give the basics to every common person?

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