Iqbal Ka Mard e Momin – Zaid Hamid in Lahore at EPIC School

An excellent attempt to unfold the concept of Mard e Momin of Allama Iqbal by Zaid Hamid. This lecture was arranged by EPIC in Lahore. DISNA (Dr. Iqbal Society of North America) is thankful to a friend who attended the lecture and shared the audio with us and we are indeed privileged to present this lecture.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

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  1. Zaid Sahab is what I call Iqbal-e-Sani for the Muslim Ummah. May Allah grant us the strength to help Zaid Sahab and DISNA in this noble cause to promote Iqbal’s ideology and restore our lost glory once again (Ameen)

  2. MAY AP KO BATATE HU WHO IS ZAID HAMID.jis dor may iqbal nay apni shaeri key us waqt muslim iqbal ko mukammal tor par samaj nahe paey ku k us waqt muslims is halat may nahe thay k samaj patay likin phir jab muslims is qabil hoay kay wo in sab baton ko samaj saktay hain jo iqbal nay apne shaeri may ke to allah nay muslims k pas aik teacher bhayja or yaqeenan allah nay us teacher say kaha ho ga kay jao or iqbal ke shaeri ko mukammal khol kar muslims kay samnay bayan kar do or iqbal ke shaeri or personality ko aik bar phir zinda kar do or logon ko bata do k khuda nay iqbal ke surat may kitna bara tohfa muslim ummah ko dia.or in soay huay lions ko aik bar phir jaga do kay waqt a gaya hay kay Allah kay deen ko aik bar phir arooj par lay jaya jaey .or phir us teacher nay asay he kia wo akelay uthay bagair kisi ke madad kay siwaey Allah ke madad kay.apni jan o mall ke hifazat kiay bagair or is mission ko mukammal imandari say pohanchanay lagay or pohancharahay hain or un teacher ka name hay zaid hamid .(oh Allah what a great teacher you have given to us .)or zaid uncle muslims kay babarshayr hain jinhay dekh kar kafiron ke tangain kanpte hain.

  3. sorry jan o mall ke parwa kiay bagair

  4. Jazaak’Allah Farah. Very rightly and beautifully said Masha’Allah. Zaid Sahab is indeed a gift of Allah for us after Iqbal.

  5. Assalam-u-alikum wrb,
    jazakummALLAH to all those who made it possible for us to get ourselves benifited for this emaan provoking lecture. if possible try to make it accessible by tranforming the data suitable for realplayer or media player, so that those with low band with connection can have this opportunity also.

  6. I appreciate role of D.I.S.N.A. and Zaid Hamid in promoting ideology of Allama Iqbal.




  8. Wallah hul hayul qayum, Allah hu subhaan Allah, aakhir qoum uth khardi hui kufaron ke khilaf aawaj oothee yane pegham khuda ka uski umat taq ponch chuka hai.

    InshaAllah hum iska jawab mutord denge wo jo apne aap ko muslim kehte hain our aurat ki izzat nahi karte hain un par zulm karte hain wo arabown ke bhi baap hain. Jo jaheel hain quran pardte hain lekin kudka matlab nikaalte hain, sahimaaineme matlab nahi samajna doosron ki aurat ko dekna sawab hai our apni aurat ko koi dekhle to usejaan se mardo.

  9. Dear Sir,
    For a book ready for publication on Renaissance of Muslm Ummah,kindly send me articles,books on concept of Marde Momin,by Email/mail
    Former Ambassador Pakistan,
    210 Parkmead CT,Arlington,TX,76014

  10. Iqbal is a big hipocrite and pessimist. Proof is as follows:-
    He was proud of his Hindu Brahmin origins but also felt great with his brand new muslim label.
    Islam was his sole obsession but his best friends were
    two sikhs.
    He studied in Europe instead of Islamic countries.
    He cursed and criticised Europe like every other
    good Muslim but never felt proud in staying back in
    his muslim utopia.
    He is confused on how Muslims should adjust in
    an ever-changing world because Islam as a whole
    doen’t welcome change. Thus his poetry is a mixture
    of ego conflict.
    He is proponent of a Muslim-ruled India but staunch
    opponenet of a majority-led India.
    In his opinion, Muslims should think and live in the glorious medieval times but conquer the space in the
    present day world.

  11. @ Fakharuddin, Muslims would certainly do better if they didn’t have traitors like you amongst them. Kindly keep your convoluted views to you kind self. thank you

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