Peer o Mureed – Maulana Rumi and Allama Iqbal

Peer o Mureed is a dialogue between Maulana Rumi and Allama Iqbal in which Allama Iqbal seek guidance from Maulana Rumi on various subjects.

Presented by DISNA at the death anniversary of Allama Iqbal, 21st of April 2009.

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  1. Iqbal at the door of Rumi,seems like a very exhausted student,tired of the philosphies ,clashes and questions the Western civilisation was going through.
    Questions of morality ?
    Women freedom?
    Capitalism,Marxism,Socialism and all the crap ….
    I share the agony and anguish of Iqbal.In the ned all the Western philosphy comes to zero.Since Europe does not beleive in general in life of hereafter and particularly during Iqbal times theories regarding evolution of man were DARWIN ones…..
    This can not satisfy a man like Iqbal,a scholarly approach ,who had crossed seven seas to get the ideas ,to enrich himself and nurture the soul ,his thirst for true knowledge was not quenched.
    In true honesty I am often taken a back to see his very composed mannerism.
    Rumi is a supreme master ,a sage who was a science student and a top scholar at his time .It seems the quest of human intellect cannot be found in the science labs.
    It seeems the human spirit becomes more and more allianated and thirsty as one becomes successful and it seems it is only the TRUTH of ALLAh which satisfy a human being.
    Iqbal reached the final destination ,a spiritual enrichment of a sufi where when one raises the curtain of self one sees in the mirror of heart and finds the real self.

  2. at the doorsteps of the sage called Rumi
    Iqbal threw away the worldly knowledge
    and stepped into the whirling circles of dervesh
    where everything has a rythem,where everything swirls in a motion,and heart is full of light and the rythemic music by which the heart beats …… ,motion,rythem,light,heart everything unifies and it is the place where the essence of creation and soul is found.
    Iqbal found that place inside himself.
    To many people Iqbal is a thinker and philospher and a poet to me he is a Sufi Scholar.
    Mnay a times his poetry is prophetic and his intution is guided by divine.
    He spent a lot of time in doing Ziker-e-Allah……like the rythem and flowing of his poem

    Khudee ka Ser-r nehaan

    La Illa ha Illal Allah
    La Illa Ha Illal Allah

    Mard-e-Mumin was Iqbal himself.

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