AAGHAZ – Aniq Ahmed and Zaid Hamid (ARYONE WORLD) On Allama Iqbal

PLAYLIST: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=587E4F6ADA1D0924

Zaid Hamid on Aaghaz with Aneeq Ahmed on AryOneWorld. The topic of this intense discussion is Iqbal & current affairs.


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  1. great programme…wesome one..

  2. Todays Muslim ummah is sleeping and deteiorating morally by the second .Religion is being practised as culture not as God’s law. should be obeyed.ALLAH RHEHAM KARAA.AMEEN.

  3. It’s a beautiful programme and I must admit that Dr Aniq is a person who has true worry and care for our Ummah. He is always in search of ideas which could bring about a positive change in our Muslimn Ummah. In my humble opinion we need to do a mix of actions to sort out our Ummah’s current depressing situation. First of all our scholars need to play a very pivotal role in dealing with this situation. Our true scholars have a religious duty to give naseehah (advice) to our rulers and all our major politicians. Our Muslim scholars should join hand to influence the prominant leaders amomg Muslims to brong about a positive change in those leaders. Our Islam faced this detarioration because our leaders were made corrupt by Jews and Christians through women/money and alochol. Now it’s about time that our Muslim scholars should reverse this cycle by carrying out a well coordinated effort to imrpove the morals of our major leaders by giving them Naseehah (advice, educating them, admonishing them and reminding them that our religion puts a great responsibility on their shoulders as they are on the driving seet. Most of our leaders do pray and follow some kind of scholar and it is the duty of those shcolars to teach/admonish their follower leaders about what Islam requires from them. All our major leaders should be approached by our true muslim scholars and these scholars should try their best to educate these leaders who have fone astray and are too much under the influence of Western culture and western philosophy. Our Media and our true Muslim scholars should make a real effort to find out which of our leader follows which Imam or scholar and then those scholars should be approached and requested to advise their follower leaders.

    Secondly we need to bring a revolution through our madrasses to educate our people not only the knowledge of deen but also the knowledge of Science and technology so that we could generate a breed which will be equipped with both types of knowledge. We need to create doctors, engineers and scientists who also practice their deen with the true spirit and correct understanding of their religion. We need to create that breed who fears Allah and who wants to live according to Allah’s divine laws and not the laws which are man made and are leading to destruction.

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